Listen: Music: Jaganath by Prema Mayi

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Prema Mayi – Bhakti Yoga • Kirtan


Dear friends,
My second kirtan album, Sharanagati, is now complete. You can listen to tracks from the album, and purchase individual tracks or the whole album here

Sacred sound vibration is very powerful and needed in these times of challenges.
Thank you for your interest.

Many blessings,

Prema Mayi was born in Chile. At the age of twelve, she entered an ashram of Bhakti Yoga in Europe. Now, thirty years later, her natural, gentle zeal for bhakti is embellished with a warm-hearted maturity and an inspiration to share with others what she has imbibed, through the medium of sweet and melodic kirtan.

The practice of bhakti develops transcendental devotional sentiments, and kirtan, its foremost process, is saturated with transcendental sound vibration. Under the guidance of her guru, Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayan Maharaj, Prema Mayi’s absorption in the study and practice of bhakti blossoms. Each year she journeys from America, where she now lives, to perform pilgrimage of Braj in the holy land of India.

Prema has learned sacred chants and mantras that have been carefully passed down through a disciplic succession of pure-hearted saints over the centuries. The potency of these chants has been preserved. The source of these chants is divine, and therefore they resonate with our soul, the essence of our being.

By nature, we are transcendental and eternally free, but, covered by the veil of material existence we experience suffering. Sacred sound has the power to transform. It frees one from the anxieties of daily life, bringing awareness of a divine presence. This is why, since time immemorial, sacred chants have been fundamental in the practice of yoga.

It is not necessary to understand the language of the chant, as its potency is beyond our comprehension. With an open heart one may relish the bliss carried through this vibration.

“There are channels by with which the infinite descends. The infinite cannot be contained within a limited sphere, but if He is really infinite then He has the power of making Himself known in all His fullness to the finite mind. By the channel of transcendental sound, He comes. When out of His own prerogative He takes the initiative and reveals Himself, there is actual perception of God – self realization, transcendental revelation.”

— Srila Sridhar Maharaj, Descent of the Holy Name

The soul’s inherent yearning for spiritual happiness is fulfilled in every possible way through the practice of Bhakti Yoga, which directly connects the soul with Divinity. Bhakti Yoga accesses the inner heart of every living entity, where the foundation of the craving for eternity and the bliss of real love is active. When it is humbly practised under the guidance of one whose heart is steeped in pure love for the Supreme Person, one receives a relish with which no happiness in this world can compare. Prema Mayi in her own natural way wishes to share what she has learned from such an acharya with you.